Last weekend while I was out riding I came across an old building that caught my eye. so I stopped and took some pictures.

As you can see the name of the place is the Hacienda, the date on there is when the building had been built.
When I returned home I did some investigating and came to find out the hotel was billed as a little bit of Spain in Florida. from it’s Mediterranean style.
Originally it had been a hotel of a grand scale.

Inception of the Hacienda began in 1925 and ground breaking began in 1927 with the opening of the 55 room facility occurring in 1927.

The Hacienda was a playground for famous people at the time with actors such as Thomas Meighan, Leon Errol, and Madeline Cameron along with writers like Bob Davis, George Ade, Ring Lardner, Hal W. Lanigan among others.
It was even reported that Gloria Swanson was sighted staying there.

The court yard as it is today.

Over the years the Hacienda changed hands, weathered the Great Depression but by the early 40’s was in a downturn due to World War II.

The hotel changed hands numerous times over the years and by the 60’s – 70’s began floundering.

In 1885 the hacienda was turned into an assisted living facility; several years after it became a home for elderly people with mental disabilities.
Then in 1996 the Hacienda was added to the National register of Historic Places.
Not to long after that the Hacienda was vacated and has been empty ever since.
In 2003  the city of new Port Richey purchased the property but it is still sitting empty with no plans to resurrect it.

The hotel is now considered to be haunted where claims from the elevator opening on its own and footsteps being heard.

You can read more of the history of the Hacienda here: http://www.fivay.org/hacienda.html

Grill work on the wall

The courtyard, Fountain and main entrance.

Window over the main entrance and lamp

Current resident of the Hacienda

Close up of the fountain

Vines growing on the building


Upper Balcony

Close up of crest and balcony lantern


Looking up the roof

Signs of disrepair

Veterans Day

I was out riding yesterday enjoying the the day when as I was cruising through a small town I saw signs they were having a Eco-Day festival.
The event was to broaden peoples awareness of the parks and nature in general and was being marked with a weekend long carnival, craft show, and other events.

As I was walking around I noticed a trailer and it was a custom bike shop, they were there to raffle off a bike.
As I came up on it I took a look at the bike , it was a customized Harley honoring veterans.

I asked if it was alright if I took some pictures and they told me it was fine, so here are some shots of the bike.

I thanked them for letting me take the pictures and donated $5.00 for the raffle.

Most of all Thank You to all the people past and present who have served this country!

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The weather here has finally broken and what we consider fall has arrived here in The Sunshine State.

With the cooler weather the opportunity for riding has increased and I have been making the most of it. Even to the point that I have been taking the bike to commute to work.

Leaving early in the morning as I do 6:30a.m. was at first a bit daunting to say the least. I choose a route that is all along side roads and has little traffic.
The first morning was almost surreal. I was the only vehicle on the road. Now the first time I rode to work I was on the early shift so I had to leave the house no later then 5:30a.m.
When I drive the car I take main roads and even at that time there are a good number of people out on the road.

Not seeing other traffic was a very interesting thing to see.

The route I took takes me along the coast and at one point runs right along the water. When I came to that point I slowed down as I was in awe of what I saw. The morning was clear and calm, the water along the Intercoastal was like glass. Clearwater Beach was lit up like a Christmas tree with all the lights from the hotels and condo’s.

The reflection along the water was amazing. Breathtaking!

Now during the day there is a fair amount of traffic along this road along with foot traffic with people walking and jogging along the water.
At that hour of the day there was none of that which gave me the freedom to slow down and soak it all in.

When I bought my bike I had it checked out by a mechanic to make sure it was alright and didn’t need anything.
The day I went to pick it up he told me there was one thing wrong with the bike.

I held my breath momentarily and then he said “It needs to be ridden”

Well I’ve been doing that and enjoying every minute of it.

Matter of fact from spending so much time on the bike as I have of late has had me thinking of what to look for in my next bike.