Last night I picked my bike up at the shop, all it needed was an oil change. He said there was absolutely nothing wrong with the bike.  Before I left the shop owner told me that there was one thing the bike did need. Inside I groaned, then he said: “It needs to be ridden.”

This morning I got up to go to work got in my car to leave and it wouldn’t start. Turn the key and all it did was click, click, click.

Battery, starter, alternator?

Got some one to give me a jump and it fired right up. Drove it to the auot parts store and after a load test it turned out the battery was bad.

So a battery and a new post clamp later the car was back up and running.

Why does my car have to be jealous of my bike. 🙂


Last year, about 14 months ago; I decided to get me motorcycle endorsement and I signed up for the class.

Having passed the class but not having a bike I bided my time and saved my pennies. 3 weeks ago I bought my first bike.
A Honda Rebel, a nice small bike with classic cruiser styling. The bike is a 2006 with very low mileage, engine roll bar, and saddle bags.
The best part is it fit right in my budget with a little left over.

Really I’ve wanted a bike since I was in my late teens early 20’s.

 It was at that time I came across a book called Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. The book actually has very little to actually do with the mechanics of a motorcycle.
What the book IS about is how a motorcycle brought a father closer to his son; based on a motorcycle trip he and his young son Chris took from Minneapolis to San Francisco.
It also talks about taking the time to see things; how with a motorcycle you’re not confined to a box. It is about quality and not quantity that has become such a part of life still today.
You have the ability to really see things and not just see them but experience them. It is about seeing the details, the finer things. More than that it was also about self discovery.

 It was at that time in my life that I had some access to a dirt bike. I rode when I could here and there and I loved it.
At that time it never came about that I was able to get a bike of my own and from there it was pushed to the back of my mind and for quite a while actually forgotten.

 It was a couple of years ago just after I got my Kindle that I picked up a book by Neil Peart the drummer for Rush.
The name of the book: Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road; It is about how within the span of one year he lost his daughter to a car accident and his wife to cancer.
To say he was devastated would be putting it mildly. In the course of his grieving he decided to take a motorcycle trip. He started in Canada and ended in Mexico.

 After reading this book the desire for a bike once again returned and this time I wasn’t going to say no to it.

Yesterday I took the bike out for my first real ride, after neighborhood riding the first few times to get the feel of it. There is a road that runs along the coast; still very unpopulated and very little traffic.
The road twists and turns through pine forests, coastal creeks, salt flats, and a bird sanctuary. I’ve driven that road a hundred times since I’ve lived her, but never have I experienced it the way I did yesterday.
It was a cool morning and not a cloud in the sky, the wind in my face as I rode made me feel alive, the colors of the trees and grass so vibrant.

I logged 30 miles on that ride and I am already looking forward to the next.

Will I ever make the kind of journey Robert Persig or Neil Peart did? More than likely not; I don’t have the kind of resources to travel like that but it sure would be an adventure if I could.

Will I manage to do it in my own sweet way? You bet your bottom dollar.


Hello world!

As may may have surmised from the title I am from Florida, the Gulf Coast to be exact. But to lay to rest any questions; I am not an Eagle.

So where does the Eagle come from you may ask, or not; but I will tell you anyway.

Where I live; being close to the Gulf of Mexico many years ago I took up the hobby of kayak fishing.  I found it to not just be an excellent way to find fish but also a way to spend some quiet time out on the water.
There is a particular area that I go on a regular basis as it is close to home yet is a rather nice spot. During the cooler months I will be out on the water before dawn, my favorite time. The wind is generally calm, there are none of the daily boaters buzzing across the water yet, and watching the sunrise from out on the water can be simply amazing.

Along the shore there are a pair of nesting Eagles, (snowbirds if you will) for this is their winter home. Many a morning over the last 9 years of fishing that area the Eagles and I have shared the dawn. Me casting a line while they circle above looking for the first meal of the day with the coming dawn.

Over the years I’ve come to think of them as friends, their beauty as they float above scanning the water, the grace as they fold their wings and dive, then just as you think they are about to hit the water they turn and lift with a fish in their talons.  One time they landed on shore just a few yards from where I floated in my tiny craft and I watched them as they ate their morning catch. Such power was just incredible.

Often I’ve wondered what it would be like to soar freely as they do, yet in my own way I suppose I do.